There is some dispute as to whether it’s the ride, or the gear that make the rider. As long as you ride, you’re a rider. What you ride may enhance your sense of self-actualization, however the gear you wear sends a signal that is unmistakeable.


You are what you wear.


If you’re a jeans (shorts)/t-shirt/flipflops kinda rider, you’re signaling to the world that you don’t give a rat’s ass for anything but riding. Consequences be damned. 


Good for you. 


ATGATT: On the other end of the spectrum is the rider that has the latest in safety gear, inflatable vest, full-faced helmet, neck brace, racing boots & gloves and an exosceletal color-coordinated hi-viz outerware suit. You, sir/madam/person are engaged in a controlled risk/freedom expression of self that is hard to ignore.


Perhaps you don’t think much about what you wear for gear; and, furthermore, couldn’t give a shit what people think. That too, is a valid way to ride, but be aware that you are missing ample opportunities to add to the rider’s collective freedom by not supporting the good folks who spend massive advertising dollars on telling you what will make you feel whole.


We at Motophilic® understand that you may need a little education and we look forward to teaching you how to spend money on lifestyle products (like ours!) to raise your consciousness and self esteem.

The Time to Ride Thermal is designed for all occasions. Soft, durable, polyester knit hugs your body and gives you the confidence to be who you are.

Time to Ride Long Sleeve Thermal

Color: Thermal Black
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