Bob Twoarms

Cincinnati, OH

Great shirt – had exactly the number of holes I expected. 

Diz Gruntled

Berkeley, CA

Really?!!! You offer a cup in which I can put anything? ANYTHING??!!! Blatant bait and switch advertising. I put my circlips in the cup, and then wanted to put my connecting rods in there AND THEY DIDN'T FIT!!!! I see how it is. You think that novel heat-changing cup design will wow people into looking past the fact that you can't just put anything into the cup. There are limitations - that Motophilic did not spell out! Thanks for ruining my rebuild project. With the shattered porcelain and coffee dregs staining my white leather seat for my R65/6, I don't think I'll ever get over it.

Frank Leebaffled

Torrence, CA

Worst shirt purchase ever – design was on the inside but the tag and seams were on the outside.

Trey B. Pompousa

Ames, IA

 As a lifelong BMW owner, I hafta say that the “Time To Ride” t-shirt has enhanced my quality of life re: the recognition by my fellow riders has come up to the level that I expect. Whenever I wear my “Time To Ride” shirt, the respect and awe I see in their eyes fills me with pride and hubris. Well Done, Motophilic!